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Our Work

The work we do is why we can do the things that we do for others. Owner Nia Jovan Andrews, have worked for almost 20 years building brands of her own so that she can help others build theirs. We focus on many social issues, personal growth within our brands, but we also understand the need for healthy socializing and want JP&E to support in building healthy dialogue and community to enjoy life abundantly. 

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One Purpose Magazine

Jones Publishing & Enterprises, LLC has published and online magazine for over 10 years.



JP&E, LLC has also published two books Asthyself by Nia and Lilly's Red Bow

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Digital Show

JP&E, LLC owns a digital show hosted on youtube where owner, Nia Jovan Andrews, host and writes the content that focuses on economic development in inner cities along the rust belt impacted by disinvestement. The youtube channel also shares a food review show and more. 



One Purpose Podcast is hosted through BlogTalk Radio, where JP&E, LLC owns the copyrights to the content and branding. The topics for the podcast vary, but focuses on social issues and personal growth. 



Nia Jovan Andrews Weekly Briefings (Newsletter)

JP&E, LLC owns the copyrights to nia jovan andrews weekly briefings. The newsletter is managed through an email marketing service and distributing to thousands of followers for updates that includes all brands under JP&E and shares client services or products


Jones Publishing & Enterprises, LLC Store

JP&E, LLC owns an online store where we sell handmade candles, specialized stationary products and branded items. 

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JP&E, LLC also owns a distillery. We are currently working on its development to launch JPE BOURBON, a whiskey made in Illinois. Currently, owner, Nia Jovan Andrews host whiskey mixes on Facebook group "One Purpose Magazine Cocktails and Conversations" to engage and build the audience for JPE Bourbon. 

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