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New Client Newsletter Package

We are excited you have come to visit our page to learn more about our newsletter package for the Fall 2022 through Spring 2023. As mentioned in our video above, we have put together a special package for new clients. It includes three newsletters. 

Initially, we will discuss your company and the goal for your outreach. As mentioned, we do our best to streamline the process so that we will not interfere with your workday seeking approvals and overlooking drafts; the initial consultation is most important. In this meeting, you will choose a template for your newsletter; We can adjust the color according to your brand. 

We have used research from data analysis to establish our dissemination schedule, so as mentioned in the video, we will send out emails on: 

September, Tuesday 20, 2022 10AM

December, Tuesday 20, 2022 10AM

March, Tuesday 21, 2023 10 AM

Each newsletter comes with:

  • A short video with a targeted focus

  • An industry analysis post using charts and graphs

  • An employee highlight/profile

  • What you're up to - community event, sponsorship announcement - acknowledgement or award given

  • Two 800 words articles that will be curated to serve as a resource for your audience. 

  • Event (a virtual talk) where you will engage with your audience. Invite included in the email, you can choose which month and establish a date for the virtual talk. 

The initial consultation for this package is $75

The total package is $2650, deducting $75 from the initial consultation. The total package is $2575, billed on October 30th with 30 days to pay the invoice. 

The benefits of a newsletter: 

  • Build trust with your new leads by sharing tips and advice that shows your expertise.

  • Get the word out about upcoming events, new products or services, promotions and other news to people who are likely most interested and ready to participate (without paying for ads).

  • Stay on your leads’ radar so that when they’re ready to buy, they remember you and choose you.

  • Learn more about your current leads’ interests so you can improve your marketing and attract even more leads and customers.

We send a custom reports - streamlined and easy to read of the results from each email that include recommendations based on clicks and time spent. 

Sample Newsletters:

Anchor Staffing, Inc.

Anchor Staffing, Inc for employees

Illinois Violet Death Reporting System (we designed the fact sheet | factoid video and planned and hosted the event)

Buehler Center for Health Policy & Economic - Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine.

Nia Jovan Andrews Weekly

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