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Intellectual Property Legal Research

Intellectual Property is copyright, trademark, patents and trade secrets. If you are starting your business and need the initial research administered to guide you in developing your company's identity, we can help with that.


We also support lawyers in gathering research needed for their cases; we review case laws in the jurisdiction, comb through data-bases to complete due diligence processes and use journalistic techniques to bring forth valuable information for litigation proceedings. 

What we do

HISORTY: JP&E owner and lead project manager for all research projects is a journalist with a master of jurisprudence in intellectual property from the University of Chicago Law School. She works in research at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics providing communication services to a team focused on injury preventions. She creates IP collateral for the center and its projects and community partners who recieve grants to have community-academic partnerships. More importantly, she holds several intellectual properties through JP&E. 

Where & How we Pool Research: With a wealth a knowledge and a fine-tuned skill-set we offer the ability to deliver relevant-research with clean due diligence. If litigating a copyright or trademark infringement case, we review case law in the jurisdiction the case is filed-in; we also review recent cases involving new media related decisions. 

Deliverable: We follow the IRAC method in researching cases. We identify the issue; we research the rule and apply all cases; we analyze court opinion first and we analyze public opinion if the matter has public attention (social media has opened the door heavily to this - we do not think omitting it from research is wise); we then provide the attorney with all the concluding facts in our research. 

Feel free to call us to find out more information 219.801.2850; you can also set-up an initial consultation if you're ready to move forward. 

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